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Expertise in Tax Strategy, Bookkeeping, and Asset Protection

At Blueprint Financial Group, we specialize in strategic tax planning, precise bookkeeping, and robust asset protection, tailored for businesses of all sizes. Our approach ensures not only compliance and efficiency but also the safeguarding of your business assets. Partner with us for a comprehensive financial strategy that fosters growth and stability in today's competitive landscape.

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Comprehensive Financial Solutions
Tailored to Your Business

Tax Optimization Solutions

Navigate the complexities of tax laws with our expert Tax Strategy services. We provide tailored solutions to optimize your tax position, ensuring compliance while maximizing savings. Stay ahead of changing regulations and leverage our expertise for your financial advantage.

Financial Recordkeeping Excellence

Experience meticulous Bookkeeping that forms the backbone of your financial health. Our services include precise tracking of transactions, comprehensive financial reporting, and insightful analysis. Ensure accuracy and make informed decisions with our professional bookkeeping support.

Business Structuring Advisory

Start your business on solid ground with our Entity Formation services. We guide you in choosing the right business structure, considering factors like taxation, liability, and management. Our expertise ensures a foundation that aligns with your business goals and legal requirements.

Strategic Business Roadmapping

Elevate your business with our strategic planning expertise. Our Business Strategy services encompass growth planning, operational efficiencies, and market analysis. We help you define long-term goals and actionable steps to achieve sustainable success and a competitive edge.

Our Happy Clients!

Sam is not just my bookkeeper; he’s a financial leader who consistently exceeds expectations. His depth of knowledge, unwavering helpfulness, and genuine personality have made him an invaluable asset. Beyond simply managing finances, Sam has become a trusted advisor, dedicated to nurturing a prosperous partnership. Without any hesitation or reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend Sam for anyone seeking expert financial guidance.


Rachel Kleser

Owner, Easy Peasy Promotions

Since launching our small business, we faced hurdles in accounting and tax planning until we met Sam Sheblak. Sam overhauled our accounting system, saving us costs, and streamlined our financial and banking operations, extending his expertise to our personal finances for added ease. He crafted a tax strategy tailored to our various financial goals, including real estate and debt management. Our ongoing weekly meetings with Sam continue to bring invaluable insights. We highly recommend Sam to any business or high-earning individuals for transformative financial guidance.


Amber Dargis

Owner, Sanders Compliance

I’ve been with Blueprint Financial Group for a year, initially seeking precise bookkeeping for my construction business. From our first meeting, Sam’s expertise stood out. He has since surpassed my expectations in tax strategy, business structuring, and future planning. I’m thrilled with our achievements so far and look forward to more.



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